12 Days of Holiday Cookies Challenge

12 Days of Holiday Cookies Challenge

12 Days of Cookies

It seems that the Holiday season just creeped up out of nowhere.  I still cannot believe that Thanksgiving has already past and that we are halfway through the baking season.  With my current work schedule I haven’t had a ton of time for much baking.  It’s time that I put it into high gear.  Get my butt into the joyful spirits, because, well the Holiday season is HERE!

For years now I have subscribed to Food Networks “12 Days of Cookies” and for those who aren’t familiar it is an annual email subscription for holiday inspired cookie recipes.  It begins on December 1st going through December 12th.  I am honestly admitting that I have never, not even once made any of the recipes.  Open the emails, read the emails, save them in the email folder marked “12 days of cookies”.  Getting all excited every single year that I will make some wonderful holiday cookies, only never to have made a single one.

food network 12 days of holiday cookies series
Food Network 12 days of cookies 2016

My Holiday Cookie Challenge

This year is different and now because of my blog there is an even greater incentive.  So I’m going balls to the wall folks.  Jumping into the deep end and I am going to make and review all 12 of the “12 days of Cookies” cookies.  In an attempt to bring to you some new and interesting recipes, or so I hope.  Not to mention making my husband, neighbors and friends very happy indeed.  My ultimate goal in this challenge is to make every cookie in the series, give my honest opinion on them, and hopefully recommend them for you to try.

I welcome you to follow along with me this month as I become the cookie monster extraordinarie in my 12 Days of Holiday Cookies Challenge.  The first up will be Sunny Anderson’s Raspberry and Oatmeal Lattice Cookie Sandwiches.

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