I am a newlywed.  My husband Eric and I live a pretty fantastic life Beyond Our Kitchen.  Eric is an experienced  Climber, Cyclist, Camper and all around outdoor guy, along with being a very talented Photographer, Creative, Director and Jack of most things technical.  Who am I kidding Jack of most things period!

I’m just happily along for the ride. He has introduced me to an outdoor life I never could have imagined that I would love.  Although I don’t climb much (we have a climbing wall at our home), I’ve camped and hiked things that I never otherwise would have.  And in 2013 I completed my very first Sprint triathlon!!  We both love to travel, photograph and eat our way through all cities we visit. This space will be dedicated to those adventures.  Stop in to check out stories, photos and videos of our latest adventures.  


Honeymoon 2015Nite out 2016












Meet Kam!!! Our furry baby.

Kam in Bishop Ca, Feburary 2016

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