Goodwill Haul|April

Goodwill Haul|April



A much needed break from my kitchen.





















Today I needed to take a break from shooting and breathe a little.  I’m having some serious frustrations with learning.  Lighting challenges and composition, it’s been getting the best of me.  I think mostly it is all in my head.  I’m putting way to much pressure on myself to be a master of something that is still very new.  I have really high expectations for myself (maybe too high sometimes) with the things that I put out here in the world.  [Breathing in a long deep breath], so I thought it best to get out, get some air and maybe do some prop shopping.  I want to start building a better selection of shooting props so I decided to head to one of my favorite Goodwill stores to have a look.

I became quite a regular customer of Goodwill shopping starting back in 2014 when I began planning my October 2015 wedding.  I actually became quite the DIY fanatic and I found that with consistant visits to multiple locations, I was able to pick up TONS of inexpensive treasures, well at least treasures to me.

Off I went.  I think I found some pretty cool stuff, that might dazzle up some future shoots.  The hubby wont be happy about MORE CRAP to store, but hey I’m in it to win it right!  What do you think of my finds?




These two little gems just could not stay there all alone.  I’m totally loving the cute little bee plate…..YES SAVE THE BEES!  The mini glass pitcher was too adorable and will actually be quite useful in my kitchen.