Ready for the New Year

Welcome 2017!

I’m here to say a late Happy New Year.  And that I am READY for the New Year.  Looking back at 2016, its been mostly great.  A fun trip to Mammoth & Bishop in January, deciding to take a chance and start this blog in March, our amazing birthday trip to Turks and Caicos in June, spending the Holidays with family and friends.  Finishing the year with another, now annual trip back to Mammoth & Bishop.  Not to mention everyday with my best friends Eric and the adorable Kam.

Holiday Cookie Challenge

I am also checking back in,  and humbly admitting defeat in my 12 Days of Christmas Cookies Challenge.  Everything started off pretty smooth.  Making 5 out of the 12 cookies, which considering the time of year, was quite a feat.  Though, unfortunately, I was only able to shoot photos of 4 of them.  And post blogs on 2.  With baking, styling, shooting, editing photos, writing a post along with my normal life activities it became a bit overwhelming.

As the Holidays approached and the time slipped away so  did my goal of posting all 12 of the cookies.  Luckily it was “the most wonderful time of the year” and I took my defeat with a grain of salt and without beating myself up much.  Yeah I was enormously disappointed but our friends and family were able to enjoy tons of holiday treats with us around a warm fire.  So, not a total loss, needless to say.

Bringing in the New Year

I mentioned earlier, Eric and I ended our 2016, with what is becoming an annual climbing/skiing outing to Bishop & Mammoth Mountain.  Choosing to get a head start on our friends, we decided to drive up a day earlier to test out our new Subbie by trying a night of car camping, granted it was quite cold but with all of our gear and such it turned out to be quite comfortably cozy.

[Just a little sidenote: Eric shot a really beautiful time lapse of the sunrise of the Mini Arch in Alabama Hills.  It’s a super quick one, so please go check it out here. ]

Both of us were looking forward to the long weekend of climbing, watching climbing (me) and a day of skiing and snowboarding and this year ended up being quite a large group of our friends and friends of friends, about 12-15 of us.  We spent early mornings have coffee and THE BEST breakfast burritos at Black Sheep Coffee, then heading over to Schat’s bakery to pick up bread and sandwiches to carry along for snacks and lunch.  Spending the short daylight hours outdoors, in the fresh air, surrounded with our friends is always fun.


We spent one day, New Years’ Eve driving up to Mammoth Mountain and skiing and snowboarding.  It was awesome and turned out to be a perfect day and the beginning of some epic seasonal snow.


Watching my husband and our friends send climbs, with so much strength, power, concentration and focus gives me life.  Climbers set projects (goals), then they practice and train to send them.  It kinda inspires me with my blog for the new year,  To be strong, focused, determined, set goals, learn, train, practice and CRUSH it for 2017,

Thank you Eric, my loving husband, Dan and Monica, Ben and Leslie, Nick and Zak (not a couple), Mike and Danielle, Andy, Sophia and Jessie for staring my new year with inspiration to push to be better.

Happy 2017.


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  • Bebe says:

    Wonderful article and photos! Looks like much fun was had.

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