John Boos Food Photography Contest

Over-the-moon excited and so proud of my photo!

Cutting Board and John Boos Food Photography Contest

Today I entered my very first food photography contest.  Well it is actually my first photography contest PERIOD,  and I am super excited about it.  A week or two ago, I was cruising around on my Instagram search feed and I came across a post from Cutting for the Cut The Cheese Photo Contest.  At the time, I did not follow them so I cursed over to their feed to see what they were all about.  After searching the #CutTheCheese2017 I thought to my self, “I could do this”.   I’m a complete newbie but what the heck did I have to lose.

The theme for this food photography contest is to showcase the best charcuterie meats and/or cheese, nuts and fruit presentation.  A cutting board must be the primary prop and clearly recognizable within the scene.  So for about a week I jotted down all the ideas that popped into my mind, which were many.   Of course, as I usually do, over thinking the whole thing.  Looking at other work, completely stressing and almost talking (in my head) myself out of doing it.  I am a true victim of self-doubt when it comes to photography.  But I pushed through my head,  shook all of it off and the result was amazing. So much so that I got two really good options to submit.

 I picked up a bunch of yummy cheeses and meats from Trader Joe’s and then used a few other bits that I already had on hand.  For sure I wanted to include my delicious Hibiscus Lemon and Anise Poached Pears.  I wanted that POP of pretty Red-Pink to bring it all together.  Then simply set up my wood boards and let the creative juices flow.   I was going for a minimalist feel, not overly styled, yet approachable, seasonally very crisp and fall like.  Which I think I achieved.

Cutting Board Photo Contest-BTS (behind the scene)

At the time of day I was able to shoot, there was great light coming in so there was a bit of pressure to work quickly, as this time of year the light is quickly lost through our tiny kitchen window.  I ended up needing very little in terms of set up.  Just a basic diffuser on a stand and I used the windows roll shade to adjust the amount of light coming in.  It was a super simple set up. Just a little side note, I am proud to say the two shots above are completely raw, untouched, straight from the camera!  Saying that reminds myself that I AM learning and growing, even when it feels like I’m not.  KUDOS to ME!

Not certain if I will place in this contest, there are many many fantastic entries, by far better blogger/photographers, but this was a super fun goal that I set and reached.  It has given me a boost to keep the camera in my hands, pointing, shooting and growing.  Besides it was so  much fun in the process!  I’ll keep you posted on the results.



  • Bebe says:

    Excellent! I love it…you’ve already won.

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